Videos ( working in my studio 1)  (My self video-Raj more Indian contempararpary artist)  (zee-café channel on Lifeline 786 show) ( NDTV-lifeline786 show) (My inspiration)  (Raj More working in Symphony National Painting workshop at Chandigarh)part 1  (Insang is a Independent Curator and Art Critic Seoul, South Korea.Currently he is Art director of Korea cultural Centre India 예술감독 • New Delhi, India.)  (Raj More win a 54th National Academy Awards by Lalit kala Akademi,New Delhi.)  (Raj More win the 54th National Academy Award - IBN Lokmat Tv)  (Art Converse with Israeli curator Ya'akov McMillan and Indian contemporary artist Raj More in his Mumbai studio (Part 1))  (Raj More ( Live Impromptu Painting ) - GoodHomes Magazine India)  (Heaven in my studio...Raj More) (Raj More working in Symphony National Painting workshop at Chandigarh part 2)   ( International Curator Michal Matej presents a solo show at Fine Art Gallery,Bratislava.Slovak
Republic ,EU)   (Travelling show-‘’MH 01’ at Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai,Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda  & Amdavad N Gufa Gallery,Ahmedabed.)

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