curated by peter Nagy,UAF 2,New Delhi 2013

Quest …
                 OF THE NEVER-DEPARTED

The world has only enough for everyone’s need. Not enough for everyone’s greed.

Yet we wrought a lifelong struggle for it … never resting till we have it all. We head out like conquistadors, desperate to win. Not everyone can triumph – one’s success has to be another’s failure. Even a tiny foothold in a Mumbai local is really a foot on someone else’s foot.

‘It’s fair in war’, says an argument. The question is: should we be at one?

But, we are too busy to answer that question, we dismiss the debate of ethics, as poetic drivel. We take. We accumulate. Though our stomachs are full, we plunder from emaciated hands, with such insensitivity; something has to be dead within …

Hindu mythology appoints the ‘crow’ as the carrier of souls departed – who come back during the days of the ‘shraddh’* (days of worshipping the dead), through it, to once again indulge in the pleasures of the senses, on earth. I see a metaphor worth taking ahead as a behavior of a society that is morally dead, and therefore – in its excesses – in a perpetual ‘shraddh’ of its own self.

This series of paintings adds to my continuing dialogue on Mumbai.I chooses Mumbai as the ultimate destination of the quest. And i handpicks the city’s most ubiquitous avian, the common crow as the protagonist of my canvasses.

 The city is the ultimate citadel of unfulfilled souls. The city’s most ubiquitous avian, the common crow becomes my protagonist. With that idea and with paint-laden strokes, I try here, to catapult my own anger, frustration, a scream maybe, into these canvasses. In layers upon layers of pigment, I hope to build the physical grit and girdle, and the intellectual gore of urban life. The themes will ooze the bile of some very unkind truths about our times. I feel compelled …  

I may be one of the last few, who continue to be outraged. Through ‘QUEST’, I am on my own mission to protect this feeling of revulsion – a feeling that is an unfortunate, but probably a welcome irony, in a world that is fast numbing itself into apathy…

Raj More

Mumbai 2013


Title-Call me,size-68''-68''inches,Acrylic on canvas,2013

Title-Desire,size-60''-84''inches,Acrylic on canvas,2013

Title-Phata Poster Nikla Hero,size-68''-68''inches,Acrylic on canvas

Title-Question Mark,size-68''-68''inches,Acrylic on canvas,2013

Title-Sarkarnama,size-68''-68''inches,Acrylic on canvas,2013

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