Lotte Gallery,Seoul korea 2012

UnicefBeTween ExTremes
Fundraising Exhibition for Unicief India Lee Wal Chong’s
‘’The World of Hope,Between Extremes’
India,with seventeen times larger continent than korea,is the most mystique country in the world.Four differentseasons coexist: more than eighteen languages have been spoken,based on the caste sytem in India.Possessing thousands of characters,the country has been developing by the fluctuation of constant collision has been developing by the fluctuation of constant collision and amalgamation. The diversity of India with a vast land,large numbers of habitancy.mulifarious religions and languages,can directly be show through Indian Contrmporary art.
Lotte gallery is honored to host a fund raising exhibition for Unicef India with Korean representative artist,Lee Wal Chong,focusing on Indian Contemporary Art.Lee Wal Chong”s works.delivering a message of symbiosis and harmony,and works of  Indian artists Raj More will present us potentially of contemporary art in our time.which let us search for neutrality in the disparate extreme.Please join us to experience the new world of hope through Indian Contemorary Art,embracing the light and darkness of the world:order of birth and extinction

Lotte Gallery 2012

Message from Ambassador of India
I am happy to learn that Lotte gallery and ART507 proposes to hold an exhibition of the eminent Korean artist Mr.Wal Chong Lee and India artist Raj More with their artlife collection paintings.
I understand that the entire lrocceds will go to UNICEF India.
I would loke tp commend this goodwill to wish all success,as it is worthy support by one and all of us

Vishnu Prakesh( Indian Ambassador)


Title-Mobile number,size-24''-24''inches,Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Title-City of joy''Sea link'',size-24''-24'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Title-Filmy,size-24''-24'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Title-Ghar ek sapna,size-24''-24'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Title-Mai Aishwarya Rai Banna chahti hoo,size-36''-48'',Acrylic on canvas

Title-Power,size-24''-24'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Title-Real super Hero,size-24''-24'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas

Gallery pic



MH 01-Travel show Mumbai-Ahmedabad -Baroda gallery 2012


I saw Raj More’s work for the first time three years ago, when a gallery in Seoul held an online competition for Indian artists to exhibit at their gallery. Raj was one of the applicants in competition and I was involved as a judge. His artwork was selected as the best painting in the competition. I had commented that his works express India’s unique colors and emotions very well. In fact, his works honestly reflect the everyday reality of Indians. His works’ form and content have been partially nourished by German expressionism which is characterized by eruption of power and soul and socialist realism which was developed from political ideology. On top of this, he finds his aesthetics clues from what Indian progressive artists have already cultivated: reality statement form in Art. The Artist himself also states that the aesthetics of his works ‘has grown with the spatiality and temporality, as perceived by the people’. In Korea, we can see similar trend to his works. Right before and after the 1980s during which Korea was at its height of economic growth and democratization, works with themes of social contradiction frequently appeared. Raj’s satirical paintings may seem a bit out of fashion at first glance. But his artworks, which lie within India’s reality, create something more meaningful than just communication.

In the works of this exhibition, there appears Mumbai's public transportation such as buses, trains, rickshaws, taxis, motorcycles, as well as a bull in the center of the canvas. The contradictory phenomena of Mumbai are clearly reflected on these vehicles’ glass windows, rearview mirrors, helmets, sunglasses. Most are very directly expressed. The red-colored bull appears from the colorless, pale slums in the background which is highly contradicting to the reddish tones of the bull. The sunglasses the bull is wearing reflect the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. It looks like the bull is just about to charge into the hotel. This work exposes a serious gap between the rich and the poor. Another work illustrates chickens hung upside-down seen through the windows of an old train. This satirizes the Mumbai local train which is old and crowded like chicken coop. My personal experience with the local Mumbai train was indeed unspeakably crowded and it is very fearful to get on and off the train. In addition, the Artist displays complex signs and streets of Mumbai, adult movies and street flyers, all of which symbolize excessive desire, and reveals the light and shade of Mumbai. Though I have only seen a few works, Raj's work reveals the duality and hybridity of Mumbai via vividly painting its daily landscapes.

Raj titled his solo show ‘Metrospective’ which is not a word in the dictionary. This expresses his passionate interest towards Mumbai, an extremely vibrant city and his wish to create a metaphor for the dualities of the city. So, how should we read his works? Raj's paintings do not remain in the direct and kitsch level. Rather, we need to focus on the fact that he is trying to create a moving narrative with his own unique composition and formative sensitivity. The sense of reality along with the rhythmical activeness of his roughly painted colors and the dualistic formation of the content and form are enough to attract the viewers’ attention. However, his works still face a few tasks. His works are tied to the reflection of reality. Rather than his content, his formal language also needs to be polished. Raj’s works move us to think of certain things that we cannot melt even with the hot furnace, but possibly with art.

Insang Song
 (Curator and Art critic)
Seoul, Korea
 ‘‘MHO1 ''

Mumbai is lot of changed from his formation, after Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti achieved its goal on May 1, 1960.Maharastra state is from & Mumbai is capital...  State of Mumbai was partitioned into the Marathi-speaking. I explores revisits the formulations that are basic to the perception of space and time in Mumbai. Mumbai is a closed and at the same time open invitation to migrants from all over India & also came from small town village from Maharashtra.Girnikamgar, Dabyawale & Biharis (Bihar & eastern UP) who search for their dreams and their identity while they struggle to make living. City gives shultuer, bread & butter.Thereforeeverone says’ Mumbai ham ko jam gayi’’…. Hence, people from all over India, belonging to different cultures come here to realize their dreams. Language has seen a major shift giving its current flavor which is inspired by the culture of the migrants. Therefore Marthi manus & parprantiy disputes occurred from same politically party. Mumbai has become the melting pot of all Indian cultures. This is the reason Mumbai has a truly cosmopolitan population bustling with activity.

City of joy’’sealink & dharavi’’,Ghar ek sapna ,Every one wants to play this game’’Slum’’, “Is jungle se mujhe bachoo”, “Keepsafe distance-Horn ok please”, “Mumbai local tandoori”, “Mumbai hamake jam gayil”, “A Real Super hero”, “Herohiralal,Straggler”, “Mai Aishwarya Rai banna chati hoo’…..
A city of 20 million, multi-headed, enterprising and twice-named (Mumbai/Bombay). Approximately 55 percent of Mumbaikars live in Slums, another 25 to 30 percent live in the Open. The remaining 15 to 20 percent live the buildings, Bungalows or high-rises. The rate of houses in Mumbai increased in this twenty years & it is a very critical condition for a common man.. Instead of Dadar common man now migrated from her & settled in Virar, Vasai…Houses is become a dream for common man’’Ghar Ek Sapana’’….Due to capitalization & Builder loby, the rooms of 10’ by 10’ foot are escape from the hands of the people. On showing the dreams houses slum area is destroyed. I think Mumbai V/S Mumbai because same people living in 10’ by 10’ sq.foot room  & on the other hand some people living 3000 sq foot flats….the two sides of life.
Its film industry "Bollywood" also draws a number of youths with tinsel dreams to Mumbai.  India's largest Stock Exchange which ranks as the third largest in the world is situated in Mumbai. Here, trading of stocks is carried out in billions of rupees everyday. Like every metropolis, water shortage and traffic jams have become the order of day, thanks to the newly built malls and skyscrapers everywhere. City of joy’’sealink’’every one  take pictures & frame it on his house walls, Mumbai is looking like a dream city .On other hand fifty years has been spent  to rehabilitation.  The biggest slum of world’’Dharavi’’…so I said city of joy is Dharavi…..
There is a perceived, self-engaged, sentimental side to the experience of navigating through Mumbai in a public transport vehicle. ‘Decorated’ taxis & auto rickshaws make their kitsch tore-interpret glam and glitz that the city is proud of. Mumbai has expanded and now encompasses residential and commercial development. The aesthetics has grown with the spatiality and temporality, as perceived by the people. My paintings, as such, populate so many intimate perceptions that it is hard to stamp them as cityscapes.This is not meant to be a portrait of Mumbai Metrospective  but rather one of the many possible indexes through which to interpret the city.MH-01 indicates a Mumbai city. It’s my sites of commuting: sights of perception. its inhabitants and how it comes to articulate the nation as a whole.
Raj More 2012

Title-Pyisa vasool,size-60''-60'' inches,Acrylic on canvas,2012

Tile-The Game,size-60''-60''inches,Medium-Acrylic on canvas,2012

Title-A Real Super Hero,size-58''-68'' inches,Acrylic on canvas,2011

Title-Every One wants to play this games,68''-58'',Acrylic on canvas,2012

Title-Ghar ek Sapna,Size-48''-72'',Acrylic on canvas,2011

Title-Hero ,size-60'-60''inches,Medium-Acrylic on canvas.2012

Title-Hero Hiralal,Size-48''-96'',Acrylic on canvas,2012

Title-Is Jungle se muje bacho,42''-42'' inchs,Arcylic on canvas,2011

Title-Keep safe distance',54''-81'' inches,Acrylic on canvas,2011

Title-Mumbai Hamake jam gayil,48''-63'' inchs,Acrylic on canvas,2011

Title-Tandoori,size-36''-84'' inches,Acrylic on canvas,2011

Title-Super man ,size-42''-63'',Medium-Acrylic on canvas,2011

Amdawad ni Gufa  Gallery(Ahmedabad ) Pics

Facultly of fine arts gallery (Baroda) Pics

Jehangir art Gallery Mumbai pics

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